The Best Jewelry to Buy in Your 20s

When in their 20s, very few women tend to think about investing their money in quality jewelry pieces. There are loads of responsibilities to think about first: bills that need to be paid, rent is on the way, not to mention we'd rather be spending our money on a night out with the girls. However, when you've got a little wiggle room in the budget, consider investing in those little, luxurious items that will be far more long-lasting and well worth the splurge- especially if you're smart about the purchase.

Think about an item you can wear 24/7, like a timeless tennis bracelet, simple pair of earrings or a gold chain necklace. Those are all items that will carry you from your 9-5 and also through the countless special occasions you'll attend in your 20s, 30s, and long after. It may not seem like it now, but buying a quality piece of jewelry is a brilliant move- it suddenly becomes a benchmark of an important time in your life, a sentimental piece that will last a lifetime and always feel unique to you. 

Below, the most beautiful and pragmatic pieces to grab before you turn 30.

1. A Classic Tennis Bracelet

2. A Timeless Pair of Earrings

3. The Perfect Layering Piece

4. A Statement Cocktail Ring

5. The Classic Pearl Necklace