Evil Eye Meaning - What is the Evil Eye?

If you've come across this blog post- you have likely seen the evil eye around and are wondering what it's all about. You've come to the right place. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) while we give you a brief explanation of what the evil eye is all about.

The evil eye dates back as far as 3,000 B.C and is believed by many including those belonging to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures. The evil eye is believed to be a curse that is given by a glare that has negative intentions. Any negative emotion can cause the evil eye curse, such as anger or even jealousy. Some even believe that ill intent is not necessary for one to cast the evil eye onto you, and that their genuine praise and admiration for you could unintentionally cause you a string of bad luck.

It is belief that the curse itself causes bad things to happen to the person who has received the curse, such as headaches and even a series of bad luck. Wearing a special evil eye charm, as protection, is said to help prevent the curse from happening by reflecting the curse back onto the person who has given it. 

To avoid this look, people wore talisman beads or evil eyes. Jewels and stones often decorated this eye to show strength against the gazer. These charms could be made of glass, enamel, and even precious gems. Each culture adds its own colors based on local lore and beliefs. For example, the colour red is lucky in some Jewish cultures whereas blue is sacred in the Middle East for its connection to precious water.

Enthusiasts collect the evil eye wherever it may be integrated. From rings to pendants, collectors keep these designs in jewelry boxes and displays to enjoy the pieces as art. Other people solely collect them for good luck. Don’t be surprised that some people still hold strong belief in the meaning attached to the pendants they are wearing. They may even wear a different jewelry piece each day depicting the evil eye, protecting them regardless of the dress occasion. Whether you believe in the evil eye or not, this jewelry type is incredibly intricate and collectible for its unusual application of color and design, as well as it's nod to traditional culture while still being wholly modern.